Cynthesis Seeded Artichoke Hybrids is formed for the general purpose of engaging in research, development, and marketing relative to commercial artichoke plant varieties, and for the specific purpose of expanding retail sales throughout European markets.

About Cynthesis

Cynthesis is interested in fulfilling all of your artichoke hybrid needs. This includes providing hybrids that address unique timing with regards to production; sensitivity to cultural requirements as it relates to artichoke appearance including external color, spinosity and size.

We also want to provide you with a product with a good understanding of how your chosen hybrid will respond in your region at a selected planting time. Our goals are to provide you with the highest quality artichoke that yields well, taste good and reduces your growing costs.

Research & Production

Cynthesis continues to develop new hybrids that address the needs of specific markets around the world. We also continue to test and analyze unique hybrid types that might support export markets for our growers. These hybrid performance records allow growers to fill their production portfolios with hybrids that optimize quality yield and market position.

Cynthesis Seeded Artichoke Hybrids

Production estimates using seeded hybrids are calculated to be as high as 60% of California's production. These hybrids give the growers we serve the benefit of planting date flexibility, reduced production costs and higher yields.

Master License

Announcing our new partnership!

PROSEM is now serving as the master license propagator for Cynthesis in Europe.

Master License:

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